Financial modelling training courses: Asia-Pacific update

Financial modelling training courses: Asia-Pacific update


Thursday 4th November 2021

Last week we had an update from our Toronto & New York offices on our upcoming financial modelling training schedule where they are, step by step, starting to re-introduce classroom based courses.

Asia-Pacific overview of financial modelling courses

Right now, in November 2021, we have very different situations across the APAC region when it comes to restrictions around borders, travel and group gatherings. We monitor the developments closely and align with international and local government guidelines to ensure that we do our bit in fighting the pandemic. To provide more tangible guidance, we have below summarised the situation in some of our more regular locations of classroom based financial modelling training courses.

Financial modelling courses in Sydney, Australia

In our regional hub in Sydney our team is excited about getting back in the classroom and back meeting with our clients. We’ve had a slightly different journey to the other regions. Australia had a 3 – 4 month window earlier this year which enabled us to run in-person public courses and in-house training in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth, until we went into full lockdown again in July. Our first in-person public training course in Sydney is scheduled for 6 – 7 December. We can’t wait!

Financial modelling courses in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane

We are delighted to announce new dates across Australia, following recent state government announcements. We look forward to Best Practice Project Finance Modelling in Melbourne on 19 – 20 January and Brisbane on 28th Feb – 1st March. We are still waiting to hear confirmation from Western Australia, but we have February dates for both Project Finance courses and Financial Modelling for Mining Projects ready to go.

Singapore – next likely location for financial modelling courses?

Based on current information we see it as likely that we can deliver classroom based financial modelling courses in Singapore in March and we have scheduled our Best Practice Project Finance Modelling (7 – 8 March) and Advanced Project Finance Modelling (9 – 10 March). We will be monitoring government guidelines and staying in close contact with all participants.

Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo – when do we start financial modelling courses again?

At this stage we don’t have sufficiently reliable information regarding future Covid-restrictions in Hong Kong, Manila and Tokyo to plan for classroom based financial modelling courses. Until we have more information, we recommend our Digital Classroom financial modelling courses, which are instructor lead and feature the same level of interactivity as the classroom courses.

Financial modelling course locations in APAC 2022: Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth

We are experiencing a significant demand for financial modelling training courses across the APAC region, and we are carefully assessing the best way of meeting this demand. While most people are fully aware of the significant focus on investments linked to the energy transition, there is also a significant activity in core infrastructure and mining.

Before we add new locations for our project finance modelling and financial modelling courses, we intend to get fully back to the pre-pandemic locations. This means a regular program of financial modelling courses in Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth – with other locations being served with tailored in-house financial modelling courses, or our Digital Classrooms.

If you are based in a region not listed on our public financial modelling courses schedule and you are considering your options, we recommend you to get in touch and we will do our best to help you out. Typically we schedule 3-5 courses per year in new locations, so please register your interest and we can keep you updated.

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