Financial Modelling For Power Generation Projects Course

3 day duration

Financial Modelling for Power Generation Projects will give you the skills to efficiently develop, modify and analyse financial models for projects in the power generation sector. The course covers essential topics including funding mechanics, operational analysis and investment metrics. It gives you a robust platform for analysis in a sophisticated environment.

You will learn the financial modelling techniques needed to build a best practice financial model suitable for debt structuring, investment analysis and operational scenario evaluation.

Project finance modelling for power projects

This hands-on course will clarify how project finance bankers, investors and external parties will analyse your project, and provide a deep understanding of the flexibility required in scenario analysis by a range of audiences.

Financial Modelling for Power Generation Projects will enable you to

  • Master best practice techniques for financial modelling of power generation projects to achieve flexibility and robustness
  • Build a flexible and powerful scenario manager to analyse your project’s sensitivity to key drivers
  • Prepare trusted analysis of commercial outputs tailored to investors and financiers with a focus on valuation and risk
  • Understand a flexible framework for tax modelling, adaptable to regional jurisdictions
  • Develop flexible funding structures for analysis of project finance debt and other funding sources

Do you work with project finance modelling in the power generation sector?

If you need to build, review or analyse financial models for project analysis or project financing in the power generation sector, this course is for you. Typical attendees include analysts, financial managers from project companies, advisors and financiers, in particular project finance modelling analysts.

Required knowledge: Excel and power generation industry awareness

It is expected that you will have previous exposure to Excel in a financial modelling context. A foundational knowledge of investment concepts such as internal rate of return (IRR) and cash flows is also required.

Interested in project finance theory?

Mazars Financial Modelling includes the course ‘Project Finance: Concepts and Applications’ which covers essential foundation knowledge for professionals starting out in a project finance career.

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