2 day duration

Business analytics for clearer insights, better decision making and stronger communication

Introduction session to demonstrate the functionality of PowerBI, and to inspire you to think about how powerful analytics could enable clearer insights, better decision making and stronger communication around data in your organisation.

The focus of this interactive one day course is to get you started with PowerBI, get an overview of the functionality, and build the confidence to start your own projects back at work. We will guide you through common challenges in the first stages and build your understanding of the technology to get you on track towards more sophisticated analysis. After this course you will have the fundamental understanding of the key concepts which will allow you to get properly started with PowerBI and develop your skillsets.

There are numerous courses in the market for PowerBI. We aim to focus more on the business benefits instead of specific technology. Of course we will show you fundamental techniques along the way, but the focus will remain on how to help support better decision in a corporate environment – either for yourself or for senior stakeholder.


Course Agenda

Topics covered:

  • Understand the purpose of PowerBI and how it greatly differs from Excel and other platforms
  • Build context in your workplace through demonstration of commercial applications and their respective benefits
  • Discuss various approaches in how to implement a ‘data culture’ and PowerBI in your organisation
  • Develop a structured approach to accessing data sources and how to handle the challenge of ‘cleaning data’
  • Explore ‘Modeling’ in PowerBI and learn how to extend existing data with new dimensions
  • Prepare comprehensive and clear visualisations supporting your ‘data story’ through charts, tables and images
  • Explore the powerful functionality of Dashboard (executives love them!) for faster and clearer communication across your teams
  • Learn how to link Excel and PowerBI (we all still have a lot of data in Excel) to get the most out of your data
  • Understand the connection between PowerBI and the built-in Excel visualisation technology called Power View, and how to use your PowerBI knowledge to prepare dashboards from within Excel..

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