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Develop your career by undertaking Project Finance: Concepts & Applications, a course designed to give you a solid understanding of project finance theory and application in a range of applications and industries. This one-day project finance training course provides a powerful introduction to industry concepts, transaction processes, risk analysis and typical deal structures, and supports the participants with a framework for commercial transaction analysis.

Project finance theory, concepts and big picture transaction understanding

In a combined seminar and workshop environment, you will learn to navigate a real-world project finance transaction, understand industry jargon and gain a strong understanding for ‘the big picture’. You will gain a strong appreciation for project finance key concepts such as credit metrics, transaction timelines, due diligence, scenario analysis, as well as, sponsor/investor benefits and challenges.

The Project Finance: Concept & Applications course will enable you to

  • Acquire a solid foundation of knowledge of project finance key concepts and applications of modern transactions
  • Gain a commercial understanding of industry metrics, funding mechanics, risk analysis and legal structures
  • Develop an understanding of transaction milestones and how it relates to the due diligence process
  • Absorb project finance industry insights based on examples from mining, power, infrastructure/PPP/P3 and renewable energy

Do you need to strengthen you project finance theory?

If you are an analyst in the early stages of a project finance career and you are looking to fast track your career to an advisory or investment professional level, this is the ideal course for you. It is also ideal if you are a developer, sponsor or investor of a project finance transaction, looking to execute the project soon.

Required knowledge: None

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Strengthen your project finance career

Have you nailed Project Finance: Concepts & Applications and want more? We recommend our best practice project finance modelling course, followed by an advanced course. If you have covered these already and are looking to get stronger in live project finance transaction situation, consider taking the course Project Finance: Transaction Modelling Simulation to advance your skills even further.

For increased understanding of fundamental Excel functionality based on techniques from advanced financial models, we recommend the Excel Diploma course. This course is designed to help you increase your speed and efficiency when working with Excel for reporting, analysis or forecasting.

In-house course options in project finance theory

Mazars Financial Modelling offers in-house delivery of all courses anywhere in the world. If you are looking to run a tailored course for a group of graduate analysts, investment professionals or a financial modelling team, please contact us to discuss the right course for your needs. We regularly tailor courses with modules from other courses, such as project finance modelling, VBA for Excel, and advanced debt modelling for project finance.


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