Global Water Summit 2018 + 2018 Water Risk Survey Results

Global Water Summit 2018 + 2018 Water Risk Survey Results


Friday 7th December 2018

To celebrate the world water day, Mazars is glad to share the key results of the latest Mazars global water survey, focusing on the global water risks.

Conducted at the beginning of the year 2018, with the support of YouGov, an international market research company, our survey was conducted in seven countries worldwide (France, United Kingdom, China, Spain, Germany, India, and United States of America). Our survey sample represents some of the major economies or entities facing important water challenges.

A growing number of stakeholders are becoming more and more sensitive to water risks, largely as a result of media coverage of some of the water related events that have affected lives of millions in the last few years or simply because of concerns that demand for this critical resource is under tremendous pressure due to an ever- increasing population.

The corporate world itself is more and more exposed to the water risks, and yet one rarely hears or reads about this risk being assessed and managed by corporations, with the exceptions of some leading fortune 500 organizations.

Mazars, active water stakeholder & Business. For Good ™

As an active stakeholder in the global water management cause, as well as in the sustainable development cause, Mazars wish to take the initiative and herein contribute to the discussion of water as a business risk, as well as its assessment, materiality, and reporting. Mazars’ water engagement is also part of the Mazars Business. For Good ™ initiative.

Key findings in the survey include:

  • A growing consensus that the global water risk is critical today, and the impact is real and immediate
  • Efficient communication and reporting systems or standards are an obvious must, but it is not sufficient in today’s business world
  • Identification of key drivers and tools for a better water risk management

For more details and to download the 2018 Global Water Risk Survey.

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