Accessible [1/6] | Mazars Financial Modelling

Excel can be readily understood by an interested party if presented clearly and structured in a human-readable format.  The Mazars financial modelling standard aims to design models that can be used, read and understood by the end user, including the details of the calculations. 

  • Use plain English, not Excel-speak 
  • Meaningful calculations 
  • Everything labelled with a title and units 
  • Use headings to organize sections, like a report 
  • From left to right, top to bottom 
  • Format formulas for reading 
  • Don’t hide anything 
  • Cover page and contents page 
  • Consistent labelling structure 
  • Professionally present every part of the model 
  • Apply purposeful and consistent formatting  
  • Graphs are worth a thousand numbers 
  • Use simple grouping 
  • Complementary colours 
  • Logical hierarchy of labels that helps the user find what they are looking for quickly and easily 
  • Separate inputs, calculations and outputs 
  • Label, colour and group worksheets 

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