Financial modelling courses in Perth – 2022 schedule update

Financial modelling courses in Perth – 2022 schedule update


Friday 11th February 2022

The WA Premier’s decision (January 2022) to delay the border reopening indefinitely has been a real blow to our chances to bring in person Financial Modelling training courses back to Perth any time soon. 

Read the full announcement from the WA Premier:

Closed borders impacting our financial modelling clients in Perth

“The WA border closure has a direct impact on our clients who were anticipating in-person financial modelling training courses to commence in Perth around February 2022

On a personal level I was also hoping to bring my young family over to the West Coast to meet their cousins for a family wedding on the planned date of re-opening and now it is a border too far.”

Jason Ryan
Business Development Manager

But, where one door closes one remains firmly open with our APAC digital course schedule. Our courses over this medium have been well tried and tested over the last 2 years with some participants preferring digital over in person

“I prefer the digital approach. The class was small, and the trainer did a fantastic job!  Something about the class being online allowed me to be more free to ask questions, compared to being in a physical class so I really liked that”

Tomi Oyefeso
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At the end of the day, the wheels of the Energy and Infrastructure sector are still turning, and deals are still being done – in some sectors at a frantic pace.  That means Analyst still need to build robust financial models and said Analysts need to know that they are building models using best practice principles. While we do not want to replace in person training, we believe digital training has a time and a place and we hope to see you on a course some time soon! 

Digital financial modelling courses available for our clients in Perth

Upcoming digital training dates for financial modelling to consider are:

Best Practice Project Finance Modelling: 16 – 17 February & 21 – 22 March

Advanced Project Finance Modelling: 9 – 10 March & 11 – 12 April

Financial Modelling Techniques for Valuation Analysis: 2 – 3 March & 21 – 22 April

Financial Modelling for Mining Projects: 14 – 16 February

Financial Modelling for Renewable Energy Projects: 13 April

For a full financial modelling schedule in Perth and other global locations: