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To thrive as a financial modeller in a high-pressure transaction environment, you need to have full control of financial modelling techniques, an understanding of commercial drivers, stakeholder perspectives and the workings of credit and investment committees. Project Finance: Transaction Simulation Masterclass will enable you to take your financial modelling to a new level – where you drive the analytical process.

Strengthen your financial modelling skills for live transactions

This course will strengthen your financial modelling techniques using best practice financial modelling principles. It will give you the skills you need to anticipate the next steps for the financial model and prepare for them – staying ahead of the game.

In a highly interactive workshop environment, you will be encouraged to collaborate with other participants to analyse different commercial perspectives – from sponsors and investors, to governments and debt financiers.

Project Finance: Transaction Simulation Masterclass will enable you to

  • Gain insights into how commercial negotiation points impact different stakeholders in different ways
  • Learn to anticipate future model requirements, and the techniques required for full flexibility
  • Master the documentation of model updates, and the quantification of these changes for an audit trail
  • Understand commercial quantification of the negotiation arguments used by different parties
  • Manage constantly changing sponsor models, with commercial delta analysis and spreadsheet tools
  • Manage scenario analysis in a client’s financial model without tedious manual work

Do you want to develop your skills in the transaction environment?

If you are a proficient project finance modeller looking to develop your commercial and deal negotiation skills in a transaction environment, this course is for you.

Required knowledge: Previous experience with project finance models

It is expected that you will have previous hands-on experience with project finance models, and the skills required to update and extend models. Consider taking Project Finance: Concepts & Applications prior to this course if you want to gain a grasp on the fundamentals of project finance theory.

If you want to increase your experience in project finance prior to this course, we also recommend the best practice project finance and advanced project finance modelling courses.

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