Advanced Technique: Delta Sheets – Strengthen the Analysis of Financial Models

By Jerome Brice

Wednesday 20th March 2019

Webinar by Tom Brichieri-Colombi and Jerome Brice

Systematic technique to visualise key driver impact on commercial outputs

In this webinar, Mazars’ financial modelling Partners Tom Brichieri-Colombi and Jerome Brice will provide insight into how to utilise the powerful analytical technique of Delta Sheets to interrogate and provide commercial insight into your own infrastructure models or those provided to you for review.

Case studies for demonstration include

  • Post-FC sensitivities in an Infrastructure project
  • Independent model review support
  • How to better manage the situation where you can receive new model versions from an advisor or sponsor

Delta sheets can be applied to any model in any sector, and do not require any external software.


  • Ensure a full understanding of how key model drivers impact key outputs
  • Identify potential errors in your financial models
  • Learn how to create Delta Sheets tailored to your industry or application
  • Drive stronger insights of commercial and technical nature
  • Enable systematic review of your models, instead of replying on spot checks
  • Super-charge your Delta sheets with Conditional Formatting and Spark Lines to allow rapid Comprehension.

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