Digital Infrastructure: Financial modelling of contracts, churn and power usage efficiency (PUE) of Data Centres

By Emilien Hardy

Thursday 14th September 2023

With the rapid development of Digital Infrastructure around the world, many financial modellers are exploring the best way to capture the commercial nature of revenue contracts in a transparent and efficient structure. This webinar highlights our recommended approach to capturing revenue contracts in a financial model for a data centres, while also providing insights into different approaches around retail and wholesale collocation churn, power pass through and PUE.

The learning objectives in this webinar:

  • Gain insights into the specific financial modelling challenges when evaluating a data centre
  • Explore a modular approach to financial modelling of client contracts
  • Learn how to evaluate client contract churn, and to run associated sensitivities for investment and credit analysis
  • Discuss contracted capacity vs usage and associated PUE