Excel Blackbelt: New versions of old functions

Monday 20th May 2019

Webinar by John Yeldham

The function library of Excel keeps developing, and it can be challenging to stay on top of which changes are relevant in your particular situation. Learning more about the latest development enables you to get more out of Excel in general, and also to understand any potential issues your clients or other stakeholders may have with the new functionality due to compatibility issues

This session is focused primarily on topics relevant for professional involved in the development of financial models, but it will also be relevant for anyone working day to day in Excel and who want to know more about recent developments. It focuses on look-up functions, and how to use the latest Corality methodology to choose and apply the latest look-up functions in real-world models.

Learning benefits:

  • Learn more about the latest version of Excel functions to ake the most of them in your analysis
  • Clarify the distinction between old and new versions of Excel and the major differences
  • Understand that implications of using new versions of function in regards to compatibility for clients and model users
  • Develop a consistent set of functions to use for look-ups in your models.

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