Guidance for the development of your next real estate finance model

By Shaun Comley

Friday 30th August 2019

Webinar by Shaun Comley

In a world where many real estate or property projects require analysis and functionality which exceeds what is offered in traditional templates and software, many organisations end up developing their own financial modelling solutions or templates. Developing a template for a range of applications require a sophisticated balance between complexity and transparency. This webinar aims to highlight some tips for how to manage the development, and highlight a number of essential areas and approaches to inspire your development.

Based on a large number of client projects and financial modelling courses to real estate clients, Shaun Comley from Mazars in Sydney in collaboration with Rael Levinsohn in London will showcase a pragmatic approach to which functionality you should consider including, and some example of how this could be implemented.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the expected functionality in a Real Estate financial model which is scalable to various applications
  • Explore the limitations of many industry software platform, and the reasons many developers, asset managers and financiers in the sector decide to develop custom solutions
  • Identify the main difference in a Real Estate model compared to M&A and Project Finance
  • Learn more about the typical categories of models, and the associated functionality

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