Indexed Debt: How should it be modelled?

By Leigh Tomlinson

Thursday 22nd February 2024

Webinar by John Yeldham

This webinar will discuss the best practise financial modelling techniques for indexed debt instruments. We will discuss indexed linked bonds & senior debt and guide you through essential techniques for modelling these with precision in your financial models.

You will learn how to treat the real and nominal debt in your model and where repayment is required, how to ensure the debt is fully & accurately amortised when indexation is involved. We will break this complex topic down to enable you to understand the concept behind indexed instruments and why they might be appropriate for your projects.

Through a hands-on approach and a free, downloadable tutorial file you will have the opportunity to follow a live example led by a member of the Mazars Financial Modelling team and have access to a best practise workbook.

Learning objectives:

  • Grasp Index Debt Fundamentals: Understand the concept and application of indexed debt and why this can be helpful for your projects
  • Master Best Practice Modelling Techniques: Learn how to model indexed debt effectively with a focus on industry best practices
  • Gain Practical Skills: Acquire hands-on skills for modelling indexed debt, enhancing your proficiency in financial modelling.