Efficiently use operational models for asset management

By Ajit Chandra

Thursday 12th March 2020

For anyone working in infrastructure, energy, mining, water, waste or related industries, you will benefit from learning more about how to efficiently use operational models for asset management.

In this webinar we demonstrate the functionality to achieve this, discuss the different approaches to incorporate Historical Financial Statements (‘Actuals’) and showcase key challenges faced by the SPV and model users while using operational models.

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Learning benefits:

  • Common challenges faced by SPV managers and investors while using the operational models
  • Demonstrate functionality to effectively link operational model with management accounting software
  • Demonstrate how to use operational models for reporting purposes
  • Discuss the different approaches to incorporation of Historical Financial Statements (‘Actuals’) in the financial model
  • Showcase a full-scale operational model, and associated switches, integrity checks and additional useful functionalities

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