How to Review a Spreadsheet: Spotting errors with Sparklines

By Ryan Humphrey

Wednesday 9th March 2022

In November 2021 the ICAEW published a thought leadership paper “How to Review a Spreadsheet”. As contributors to this paper, we at Mazars have selected a range of key topics that we believe are of particular relevance and importance. This webinar will launch a series that will take place throughout 2022, diving deeper into best practice review techniques that can be practically applied.

This opening act of the series of webinars is all about Sparklines. We consider different ways in which Sparklines can be used to help review spreadsheets as well as some “real life” examples of how Sparklines has helped us identify errors in the past.

Learning objectives:

• Understand the background of Sparklines

• Learn the different features of Sparklines

• Learn practical techniques to apply when reviewing spreadsheets