LLCR – Financial Modelling and Analysis

By Joohi Agarwal

Monday 30th July 2018

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Webinar by Joohi Agarwal

The loan life coverage ratio or loan life cover ratio (LLCR) is one of the most commonly used debt metrics in project finance and, also often used in corporate debts. Unlike period-on-period measures such as the debt service cover ratio (DSCR), the LLCR provides the lenders with a measure of the number of times the project cash flow over the scheduled life of the loan can repay the outstanding debt balance.

This webinar looks at the LLCR calculation, common errors and oversights made when modelling LLCR, and a method to check the calculation.

Learning outcomes

  • Definition of LLCR
  • LLCR calculation
  • Common errors and oversights made when modelling the LLCR
  • Checking the calculation of LLCR

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