PPP/PFI/Infra: Managing project handbacks

By Tom Brichieri-Colombi

Wednesday 10th August 2022

In this webinar series we regularly talk about the financing, construction and asset management of infrastructure projects. As an increasing number of long term project are nearing the end of the concession, we wanted to shed some light on this process in the next webinar.

Infrastructure projects, including PPPs and PFIs, are long-term complex contracts which need to be managed effectively throughout their lifecycle to ensure the delivery of reliable services and the protection of investments. In this webinar, we discuss the specific stage of the contract lifecycle, when these types of contracts are approaching expiry and an orderly transition to a new concession holder is key to avoiding operational disruption, financial losses, disputes and reputational damages. This also is an important time when the lessons learned from the current concessions need to be carefully analysed to ensure that appropriate assumptions are taken into consideration when developing a model for future concession and service provision.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the process of managing a PPP/PFI/Infra project as it approaches the end of the concession
  • Explore the various challenges involved in a “handback” and examples of where things have gone wrong in the past
  • Discuss what role financial models have in a PPP/PFI handback process, and how to best prepare for these.