Mastering Flags: Build dynamic & flexible timing architecture in an Excel financial model

By Brett Crockett

Monday 17th December 2018

Webinar by Brett Crockett

Almost all financial models have critical functionality linked to specific timing events. These frequently include Financial Close date (project finance), Transaction date (M&A), Construction start (greenfield projects) and ongoing timing events (e.g. maintenance capex).

By working in a structured way with timing flags in a model, this type of logic can be built in a transparent and flexible way, enabling decision makers to gain increased trust in the forecasts, and allowing financial modellers to implement more comprehensive functionality faster and with less errors.

This webinar covers a range of applications of timing and flag functionality:

  • Developing re-usable structure for rapid implementation of timing Phases (construction, operations, etc)
  • Demonstration of the ideal flow of logic from Assumptions -> Timing -> Calculations -> Outputs
  • Applications for regular events, with Maintenance Capex as the examples ($x spend every Y years)
  • Examples of how timing Phases can be used to drive more flexibility in a model (Planning, Delays, Earn-out, etc)
  • Leverage the Timing functionality by controlling your timing events with a Scenario Manager for rapid comparison of commercial outputs

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