Corality Financial Modelling: Integrity Checks

By Rickard Wärnelid

Wednesday 20th September 2017

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Webinar presented by Rickard Wärnelid

Working with a structured approach to monitoring Hard Errors, and Commercial Signals in a financial model will increase the level of confidence in your projections. This webinar will illustrate the Corality™ approach to error management and how to bring the attention of a Decision Maker to certain commercial outputs.

Develop a robust understanding of how to apply Integrity Checks in Financial Modelling.

*** Apologies for the issue with the screen sharing in the first few minutes ***

  • Add essential knowledge to your financial modelling toolbox
  • Understand the benefits of Integrity Checks
  • Learn how to communicate critical information to Decision Makers
  • Communicate the difference between Errors and Commercial Signals
  • Save time with increased quality Modelling examples are from the Corality Academy, and the experiences shared are from Mazars Global Infrastructure Finance.

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