Getting financial modelling correct in 2022: The latest in model self-checks

By John Yeldham

Tuesday 12th July 2022

Webinar by John Yeldham

Automatic model checks will make your financial models more accurate, more insightful and easier to build and review, with benefits that persist long after the model is complete. This webinar will illustrate the Mazars approach to error management and how to bring the attention of a decision maker to certain commercial outputs.

Develop a robust understanding of how to create and organize automated checks:

  • Add essential techniques to your financial modelling toolbox, including advanced number formats and hyperlinks
  • Understand the benefits of automated integrity and commercial checks
  • Organise and present checks for clarity and easy traceability
  • Learn how to communicate critical commercial information to decision makers quickly
  • Save time by building quality models faster, with benefits to accuracy that last!