Sensitivity analysis of a financial model that you didn’t build yourself

By Rickard Wärnelid

Thursday 23rd August 2018

Webinar by Rickard Wärnelid

For anyone working in credit analysis, project finance or with investments, performing scenario and sensitivity analysis of a third party financial model is part of your daily life. If not performed efficiently, it can be an incredibly time-consuming task and there is a great risk of manual error given the highly repetitive nature of the task.

In this webinar we demonstrate several approaches which provides you with a systematic process to sensitivity and scenario analysis of a third-party model, i.e. a financial model developed by someone else

Learning outcomes

  • Incorporate a structured process for sensitivity and scenario analysis into a financial model build by someone else
  • Understand what is expected from you vs. the role of the financial model auditor
  • Extract the key outputs required to assess the risk in the proposed investment or credit
  • Use sensitivity analysis to ensure that the underlying financial model responds in a commercially sensible way to changes in assumptions
  • Add ‘flex’ cells rapidly with a minimum risk of coding errors
  • Assess the outputs with a commercial mindset to identify potential issues and opportunities

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