Solar: Functional Requirements in a Bankable Financial Model (2022)

By Adrien Servant

Tuesday 25th October 2022

The solar projects sector has matured significantly over the last few years and the result is a more efficient and standardised process from project screening to Financial Close. In the world of financial modelling, there is now a well-established understanding of the requirements of a bankable model for a transaction, and in this webinar we will review these requirements.

This webinar serves as an update from our original 2018 webinar on the same topic, to make sure our library of industry and financial modelling webinar stays up to date.

Key learning points

  • Learn about the typical expectations from investors, developers and financiers in relation to a solar project financial model
  • Understand the project parameters that may require tailoring of the financial model
  • Explore structures which enable the capturing of regionally specific parameters with limited modification of the financial model
  • Discuss the latest on how to best present contracted vs non-contracted revenue in different regions
  • Expand your understanding of how and when a solar model can be expanded for BESS/Storage