Transaction Due Diligence / Drive Insights and Assurance from a Vendor Model

By Ben Morris

Thursday 2nd May 2019

Webinar by Ben Morris and Irena Karasamani

Using the financial model for an upcoming transaction, the due diligence process can provide deeper insight of the risks and rewards of the deal.

This webinar highlights how the Due Diligence process can add additional value with the following processes:

  • Addition of flexible Valuation analysis, to identify the key drivers and risks (trapped cash, shareholder loans, director fees, capital structure)
  • Benchmark analysis of the main macroeconomic assumptions (FX, deposit interest rates, debt interest rates, etc)
  • Confirmation of the tax and accounting approach in the target economic market
  • Reconciliation of the Equity Model to the Seller Model / Bank Model
  • Confirmation of how the model assumptions align to source documents (technical, market, legal, contracts, etc)

By learning from Mazars due diligence services, you can extend your skill set and adopt a new approach to your in-house analysis, ensuring an increased quality of your transaction recommendations.

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