Developing US Projects Under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA):Latest Updates & Challenges

By Jose Tellechea

Thursday 28th September 2023

Webinar featuring Jose Tellechea, Kim Kingston and Sergio Garcia (Rabobank)

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This webinar will dive into the dynamic landscape of projects aimed at mitigating inflation’s impact, discussing the most recent developments and the hurdles they face. Join us as we explore the strategies, innovations, and solutions that are shaping the efforts to reduce inflation’s effects on the Energy and Infrastructure sector within the United States. 

The learning objectives in this webinar:

  • The IRA: Incentives, bonus credits and the latest guidance from the tax authority
  • New Market Entrants: Key considerations and challenges for new players coming into the market
  • Funding Projects: The role of tax equity investors, lenders and other type of stakeholders
  • Technologies: Solar, onshore and offshore wind, storage, hydrogen and carbon capture projects