Energy and Infrastructure: Valuation of developing sectors 

By Ben Morris

Tuesday 28th February 2023

Webinar by Ben Morris and Dixon Grant

In this webinar we provide an update on the latest debt and equity valuation trends across the infrastructure and energy sector globally. In addition, we provide a spotlight on how investors value new sectors, where there may be few or no directly comparable transactions and companies to look at. What is a carbon capture and storage project or a green hydrogen project “worth” before there is a thriving secondary market and listed market that can tell you the answer?
Key Learning Points:

  • Learn how energy and infrastructure investors approach valuations in a developing sectors without transaction track records
  • Discuss how to approach the valuation of carbon capture, storage project or a green hydrogen project before the market has developed established benchmarks
  • Understand current valuation trends, and an insight into how to approach valuing assets in early-stage sectors with limited information publicly available
  • Develop an understanding of recent developments in global valuations for energy and infrastructure assets