The rise and rise of lithium

The rise and rise of lithium


Thursday 7th April 2022

What is not to like about the lithium success story for the production of batteries to power electric vehicles (EVs).

In January consulting firm McKinsey predicted the market for lithium batteries would grow to at least $360bn by 2030, with growth averaging 20% a year until the end of the decade

Oil production has shaped the energy landscape for a century but now as the world transitions to clean energy, critical minerals like lithium are redefining the future of energy dependency. 

Some of the key drivers behind this push in demand for EVs have been rising consumer awareness, government incentives pared with financial institutions and sophisticated investors searching for green investments.  Technological advancements within the last 10 years have also resulted in an 80% drop in the price of EV batteries.

It is one of the most sought-after commodities at the moment, resulting in import dependant countries such as the US scrambling to secure their lithium supply chains.

Australia on the other hand produces 49% of the world’s lithium supply.   Add that to Chile and China’s respective contributions and you have 88% of the global lithium supply. 

For someone with a penchant for mining working within the Energy, Infrastructure & Environment division of Mazars I like to see the happy marriage of mining and sustainability. 

In part, we contribute by upskilling financial modellers in topics we know very well, with over 17 years of experience and countless transactions, Financial Modelling for Renewable Energy Projects and Financial Modelling for Mining projects. 

We deliver on this most noticeably through in our webinars, tutorials, and training courses:

Financial Modelling For Renewable Energy Projects next dates delivered from our APAC digital classroom 3 June and from our AMER digital classroom 17 – 19 May.

Financial Modelling For Mining Projects returning to the Australian spiritual home of mining Perth 2 – 4 May.

Looking for something non sector specific? Our course portfolio you will find an array of world-leading financial modelling, valuations and project finance courses for professionals and teams in infrastructure, energy, natural resources and real estate.

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