Tailored Corporate Courses

Considering tailored training for your team?

Tailored courses delivered at your offices to your team has a number of benefits:

  • Build a strong spirit of consistency across your team
  • Focus on areas that need particular attention in the current state of your industry
  • Schedule courses when and where it suits your team – cost effective and efficient
  • Cherry-pick the specific content your team needs, from best practice content to advanced transaction structuring modules
  • Share confidential approaches within your team and build your competitive advantage

We regularly deliver tailored in-house training courses for large groups. Course duration varies from 1-5 days.

Get in touch and we’ll tell you more about our approach, our experience and proposed course outlines.

For inspiration, here is a snapshot of topics that are currently popular with our clients

  • Renewable Energy tax modelling (tax equity) for the US market
  • Developing operational models from a transaction model
  • Best practice modelling for Energy/Infra/Utilities
  • Commercial analysis of case study models
  • Graduate courses for development of Excel and financial modelling best practice
  • Mining project evaluation modelling, LOM, financing analysis and debt options
  • Real Estate modelling for projects where the complexity exceeds ‘software templates’
  • Managing third party models – how to operated someone else model, identify errors, and how to manipulate for credit or investment analysis
  • Excel Diploma – strengthening fundamental Excel knowledge, often with a sector focus
  • Model review – how to best analyse a financial model for integrity error

We look forward to hearing from you!

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