Business Analytics Course In Excel

Excel is the world’s leading tool for data manipulation, analysis, management and reporting. The breadth of functions and tools available in Excel offers users wide-ranging flexibility, but it also means usage can be haphazard, ill-informed and inefficient when used without proper guidance.

Business Analytics in Excel brings an end to ineffective Excel usage by providing a structured step-by-step approach to the analytical process; from the initial importing of raw data to Excel to the final stage of extracting and reporting results.

Key learning

  • Elevate your results through ‘what-if analysis’, professional charts and statistical analysis
  • Master pivot tables and other filter and sorting tools for quick and powerful data arrangement
  • Command all the functions and tricks to ‘cleanse’ your data into Excel-ready form
  • Know how to select the right method of data import with a choice matrix

What you will take away from this course

  • A structured step-by-step approach to analysing and interpreting data for business analysis
  • Key exercises workbook with course case-studies and benefits
  • Mazars Financial Modelling best practice methodology rules and techniques
  • All the keyboard short-cuts and tricks required to work in Excel with speed

Is this programme for you?

Yes, this course is for you if you need to analyse or make decision based on data in Excel. Typical attendees include accountants, analysts, consultants, managers and other industry professionals.


Course Outline

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