The history of Corality Financial Modelling

Corality Financial Modelling has been constantly developing since inception in 2005. The underlying philosophy has been constant over these years, yet through developments in Excel functionality, computational power and industry requirement, the methodology has been significantly improved.

The name Corality, comes from the combination of two words which underpin any activity in the financial modelling segment: CORRECT + QUALITY = CORALITY

The timeline below outlines the major milestones in the development of Corality.


The first version of what is today called Corality Financial Modelling was launched in Sydney by NavigatorPF, an Australian project finance modelling focused consulting firm. The name SMART Financial Modelling was used as the name of the methodology.


Corality Financial Group expanded into Europe with an office in London.


Corality takes the role of Global Learning Partner with ModelOff, the financial modelling world championship.


Corality Financial Group expanded with an office in New York.


Mazars acquired Corality Financial group and integrated the three offices (New York, London and Sydney) with +40 staff members into Mazars global operations.


The milestone of 10,000 participants in Corality Academy training courses was reached, in combination with the delivery of the 300th tailored corporate course.


With a track record of +1,000 financial models developed, the expansion of Corality Financial Modelling continues until we have reached every corner of the globe.

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