Financial Modelling for Renewable Energy Projects (US)

3 day duration

Financial Modelling for Renewable Energy Projects (US) will give you the skills to efficiently develop, modify and analyse financial models in the renewable energy sector.

The course covers essential topics including funding mechanics, operational analysis and investment metrics and gives you a robust platform for analysis in the most sophisticated environments.

You will learn the financial modelling techniques needed to build a best practice financial model suitable for tax equity and debt structuring, investment analysis and operational scenario evaluation.

What will you take aware from this course?

  • An best-in-class financial model with essential applications for project analysis across diverse project categories and financing structures
  • Best practice rules and techniques that you can apply immediately to your renewable energy projects
  • A masterful understanding of essential Excel functions for professional financial modelling and powerful shortcuts
  • Compelling insights from recent market examples, group discussions and interactive workshops

Key Learnings

  • Master best practice techniques for financial modelling of renewable energy projects to achieve flexibility and robustness
  • Acquire specialized skills to building a flexible and powerful scenario manager to analyse your projects sensitivity to key drivers
  • Learn how to create a flexible tax modelling framework adaptable to regional jurisdictions
  • Understand and prepare flexible funding structures for analysing project finance debt and other funding sources

Is this programme for you?

If you are working in the renewable energy sector and have frequent challenges with financial models, then this training course is for you. The training course content is suitable for anyone who needs to build, review or analyse project models within the renewable energy sector, either for internal investments/operations/strategy, project finance transactions or greenfield development analysis.

Typical attendees include analysts, managers, senior managers, associate directors.

Course prerequisites

It is expected that participants have a previous exposure to Excel in a financial modelling context, and foundation knowledge of investment concepts such as NPV and cash flows.

Extend your understanding of project finance theory

To learn more about project finance theory, we recommend ‘Project finance: Concepts & Applications’ course. This one-day project finance training course covers topics from ‘What is project finance’ to examples of typical transaction structures, risk mitigation approaches and market examples.

Would a project finance modelling course be more interesting for you?

Forvis Mazars project finance modelling courses are delivered in cities around the world. Some of the more popular locations and courses include Best Practice Project Finance Modelling in Sydney, Advanced Project Finance Modelling in New York, and financial modelling courses in London. For an extensive list, see training courses and schedules.

What is financial modelling and how can you learn more?

For a deeper understanding of Forvis Mazars approach to financial modelling and the Forvis Mazars Financial Modelling methodology (our globally acclaimed financial modelling methodology), we recommend reviewing and downloading some of our financial modelling tutorials from the Online Resources section of our website. Many of the free examples are inspired by content from our training courses in financial modelling and project finance, and from valuation modelling and theory.

Discuss the high-level HLBV concepts with tax equity (note: this is not an accounting course!).


Tuesday 18th June 2024

New York, Americas

Tuesday 20th August 2024

New York, Americas

Tuesday 22nd October 2024

New York, Americas

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