Mastering Infrastructure Valuations

2 day duration

Mastering Infrastructure Valuations is a two day training course and workshop that provides real life skills and insight into how valuations in the infrastructure & energy spaces are performed and considered.

You will develop a deep understanding on the various approaches to valuing infrastructure assets supported through theory, real life examples and a hands on case-study.

Led by Forvis Mazars valuation experts you will learn how real life valuations are approached and carried out. You will also learn key financial modelling skills and appreciate how to approach & develop any model for your valuations.

What you will take away from this course

  • An understanding the key concepts of valuation and the sources of information available to you
  • Insight into how to address practical challenges in applying valuation techniques
  • Sector specific insights and unique considerations for infrastructure valuations
  • A robust and best practice approach to the required modelling for your valuations

Key learnings

  • Learn through an applied case study how to approach the valuation of an infrastructure asset
  • Discuss & review the various valuation methodologies understanding the pros and cons of each
  • Understand the theory & importance of discount rates and how these can vary across sectors
  • Learn efficient modelling techniques to deliver more analysis, faster and more accurately
  • Build a core understanding of how to use and adapt a model for valuation purposes

Is this programme for you?

Yes, if you are involved in or wanting to understand the approach to infrastructure valuations from experts in the field. Typical attendees include investment analysts and corporate finance professionals.

Course prerequisites

While no pre-course knowledge is strictly required, it would be advantageous for participants to have a good handle on Excel & preferably some financial modelling experience prior to attending the course. Upon registration you are entitled to our introductory material on Excel functions which will give you the confidence and skills to fully absorb the contents of this course.

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Tuesday 8th October 2024

London, Europe, Middle East, Africa

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