2018 Financial modelling resolutions

2018 Financial modelling resolutions


Wednesday 10th January 2018

For better financial modelling in 2018, here is your Top 10 New Year’s Resolution list ready to print and pin up by your desk.

  1. I will keep my formulae short and sweet to bring happiness to my friends, family and model users
  2. I will never use the Border, Font colour or Fill buttons in Excel and instead consistently use pre-defined functional design Excel Styles
  3. I will press ALT to ‘Snap to Grid’ and make the world a more orderly place
  4. I will on one every calculation line include Row Description, Unit, Row Summary and Calculation (copied from left to right)
  5. I will not create excessive Worksheets which annoy typical model users
  6. I won’t use VBA for calculations, until I have exhausted every other way of solving the issue
  7. I will sell my Mac and buy a PC and get those Excel Shortcuts flying
  8. I will advocate within my organisation the adoption of one methodology for financial modelling and Excel development
  9. I will not remove Grid Lines in Calculation Worksheets
  10. I will use a Custom Date Format where the Month is in letters (“JAN”), to avoid confusion with international users

From all of us at Mazars & Corality Academy, to all of you, we wish you a transparent, flexible and well-presented year of financial modelling.

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