OHIO State University Parking Consession

OHIO State University Parking Consession


Tuesday 4th February 2020

QIC, established in 1991 by the Queensland government to serve its long-term investment responsibilities has grown into a leading long-term specialist manager in alternatives. CampusParc was created to manage OSU’s parking services, which were leased to QIC for 50 years.

Client background

CampusParc is responsible for the operation of The Ohio State University’s parking system, including management of the permit system, parking enforcement, customer service, motorist assistance, event parking management and parking facility maintenance, including major renovations. CampusParc operates the parking system through a 50-year lease, known as a parking concession, which began in September 2012.

Our Role

Mazars built a valuation model with –

  • Three-way statements;
  • Equity return analysis; and
  • Debt cover ratios with reconciliation against the existing model.

Additionally, we have been engaged to provide further updates to the financial model and operations model.

Project outcomes

  • Operating workbook/model was used to forecast operating assumptions that go into the (Mazars-built) valuation model.
  • Phase 1 focuses on consistently populating one of three input profiles by processing client-inputs and transferring the forecasts to the FM inputs table.
  • Phase 2 included the ability to populate the three available profiles in the Inputs tab simultaneously. We implemented an input populating mechanism as per best practice, as well as other analysis tools.