Avoiding financial modelling errors: Solar and wind projects

By Ben Kwan

Friday 24th March 2023

Webinar by Ben Kwan and Nidhi Kapania

Development, financial structuring and investments in solar and wind projects require robust financial models for analysis of base case and scenarios. To assist you in ensuring outputs that you and your team can trust, we have prepared this webinar to highlight common errors in financial models for the sector, with recommendations on how you can avoid, identify, and correct these errors.

Our global financial modelling team has been involved in hundreds of projects from various perspectives; building models, auditing models and for valuations. The insights we have gained has allowed us to identify areas where financial modelling errors are particularly common across the sector

  1. Financial modelling of electricity generation analysis (assumptions, logic, outputs)
  2. Analysis and modelling of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  3. Common financial modelling errors in the financing sections of a model (debt, interest, capital)
  4. Other areas where we often see financial modelling errors