Model builder & model auditor: friends or foes?

By Tom Brichieri-Colombi

Thursday 28th April 2022

In the world of transactions and investment, the financial model audit is a key piece of due diligence in the transaction process and often requires a high level of interaction between model builder and auditor. In this webinar, Tom Brichieri-Colombi and Jerome Brice – heads of model development and model audit at Mazars respectively – discuss the importance of this relationship: what it should be, and what it absolutely should not.

The webinar will provide insight in how to develop a positive collaboration culture between the various parties, to help make a financial model audit a process that adds real value to the decision process..

Learning outcomes or key takeaways:

  • Presentation of the financial model audit process and how it fits into a transaction process
  • Learn about independence, the self-review threat and professional scepticism
  • Understand the perspectives of both parties in order to develop a good working relationship, without putting your transaction at risk.