Financial modelling: Sculpted debt service (DSCR/CFADS) 

By Leigh Tomlinson

Monday 24th April 2023

Sculpted debt service is an important repayment method to incorporate into your financial models, particularly where there is seasonality or volatility in the cash flows. Some repayment methods are calculated without reference to the cash flow available to service debt (CFADS) which can give rise to liquidity issues and ratio failures.  This webinar will guide you through the concept of sculpted debt service and with the assistance of a worked example, demonstrate how to calculate this and explain the interaction with the debt service cover ratio (DSCR).

Learning points:

  • Introduction to the concept and theory behind sculpted debt service and what this means
  • Understand why sculpted debt service is preferred for projects with high volatility or seasonality in cash flows
  • Demonstration of how sculpted debt service is calculated and how a target DSCR is applied
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the application of sculpted debt service and the impact this has on ratios and liquidity